Vice Chancellor's Message

Dear Alumni,

Cochin University Alumni association is a prestigious non-profit organisation which aims to provide a platform through which the alumni, faculty, and students of CUSAT can interact with each other for mutual benefit. The focus is to renew our strong relationships with successive batches of our alumni. Many of you have continued to support us in so many different ways – as employers, visiting faculty and lecturers, and most importantly through your moral support, encouragement and financial support.

It is essential that the institution imparts education to its students with an objective of converting them into global citizens who will have excellent knowledge in their chosen discipline, interpersonal skills, critical skills, societal engagement, and respect for all cultures. The graduates after leaving campus, if start performing well in their real life, the society starts recognising the institution and the institution brand value start rising and this brand value of the institution starts adding value to its graduates. Thus, it becomes a cyclic process. The sole purpose of the alumni association is to make all alumni come together periodically and discuss ideas on how to make their alma mater relevant to the society and help the institution to implement ideas to make the institution relevant for all generations.

I look forward to having you remain involved in so many different ways and providing us the opportunity to keep you informed on what is going on through updates on our platform. As the Vice Chancellor, I acknowledge the contributions of our alumni to the institution and look forward to a renewed support and participation in the initiatives that will soon be communicated to you. I appreciate your support and honour your continued involvement with the CUSAT family.


Dr. K N Madhusoodanan

Vice Chancellor

Prof. (Dr.) K.N Madhusoodanan


The Alumni Association plays an important role in helping to shape the future of the University by representing the views of its members and contributing to build an engaged and supportive alumni community appropriate to a world class university. The role and objectives of the association are the following :

  • To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day by organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni.
  • To collect funds for the benefits of the association by way of donations, contributions, membership fees and subscriptions.
  • To act as ambassadors of the University in different parts of the world through its regional organization / chapters in helping / coordinating various events.
  • To organize alumnae meetings, events, awards, lectures and honours in the University of or different places of the world for promoting academic, cultural and social issues.
  • The affiliated associations / chapters will be formed at Department wise or regional wise irrespective of Departments / courses worldwide. Regional associations / chapters can organize programmes according to this byelaw.


  • The students, who have completed a full time course in the University, or Ph.D programme whether full time or part time, shall be eligible for the membership in the Association, subject to the conditions, stated herein after. Provided that the evening courses are considered as full time courses for this purpose (to be discussed).


  • The full time employees from the teaching or non teaching officers of the University shall be eligible for membership provided that they cease to be members of the Association, once they resigned, retired or superannuated from full time service of the University. 

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